We have a compositions by  A.Vivaldi, A.Corelli, I.S.Bach, F.Teleman, V.A.Mozart, I.Haidn, J.Offenbah, A. Hachaturyan, P.Tchaikovsky, I.Straus, J.Gershvin, Joplin, M.Legran, A.Piazzolla and others. Classical music, waltzs, jazz, folk, tango, rag-times, author's music.

Baroque. Musical revelation
Schedule of Music of XVII- XVIII)

1) A. Corelli (1653-1713)
 Concerto Grosso “Per la notte di Natale”  G-dur (op.6,VIII)
   I. Vivace
  II. Allegro
  IV. Vivace
  V. Allegro
                             VI. Pastorale                        

 “Jig” from the Sonata d-moll
2)  D.Caccini (1546-1615)
  “Ave Maria”

3)  I.Pachelbel (1653-1706)
 “Canon and Jig” D-dur

4) А. Vivaldi (1678-1741),
  “Siciliana” d-moll
 SINFONIA (F.XI №.40 - PV 361) 
  Allegro molto
Concerto for the flute, 2 violins and the bass D-dur (RV 93)

5) G.F.Hendel (1685-1759), “Largo” g-moll
6) F. Teleman (1685-1759),  Concerto for four violins D-dur

7) I.S.Bach (1685- 1750)  “Air” from the orchestral Suite D-dur (BWV 1068);
    “Minuet and Scherzo” from the orchestral Suite h-moll (BWV 1067)